My photographic journey



Silver Spring Farmer’s Market Street Photography


Eastern State Penitentiary 03


Eastern State Penitentiary 02

Night Street

My roommate, David Salisbury, had a book release party, The Deep Heart of Witchcraft, on Friday night. I was tasked with being the “official” photog of the evening (no pressure there).

These are some of the shots I got after the party, using my camera with standard “daytime” settings. I wanted to play with blurs and such.


St. Patrick’s Day Parade Street 03


St. Patrick’s Day Parade Street 02

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Street 01

I was actually working on composing photos by cutting people off or out of the frame (or capturing them just as they walked into the frame). Here are some of the results.


Abandoned Apartment Complex–Chairs and Toilets

Abandoned Office

Another building that sits empty, yet I couldn’t gain access to without breaking and entering. These shots were taken through ground floor windows.