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iPhone Metro Shots

It’s been some time since I’ve posted some iPhone metro photos. I’ve decided at some point these shots will become a project.


Abandoned Apartment Complex–Chairs and Toilets


Hello, iPhone

The shot of the empty metro train got me yelled at by the police. It was taken the Saturday before inauguration and apparently photographing an empty train is suspicious…who knew?


The Saturday Edition

I plan on going out and about today. There should be plenty of out-of-towner’s in DC this weekend and today is supposed to be fairly warm. The conundrum is which camera to take–the Nikon or the new GX1 or both? I feel I’ve been neglecting the Nikon lately and I just got the GX1; so both it seems.


Happy Friday!


Surprise, You’ve Been Flashed!

Surprise, You've Been Flashed!

I saw a perfect opportunity to get a stealthy, up close and personal, portrait on the train this morning. Both my fellow passenger and I were very shocked when the flash went off. Oops!


Coming, Going, Staying

I’m forever taking photos of people leaving the Metro trains with my iPhone and I’m forever taking them in situations where the lighting is less than ideal. Maybe one day, I’ll learn.


Catch Up

Busy all weekend doing freelance work (so I can afford my new habit). These are from Friday of last week. I was playing with HDR in Camera+ and Snapseed.


Walking, resting and drinking